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    Today we remember how God has blessed and helped us in the past. We have faith he will continue to do so in the future. May we be strengthened by the Gospel, challenged by the present realities, and renewed in the hope that is ours in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Jesus said to them,
    “I am the bread of life;
    whoever comes to me will never hunger,
    and whoever believes in me
    will never thirst.” - Jn 6:35

      Lakewood Church            

    4:00 P.M.  Saturday
    9:00 A.M. Sunday

     Weekdays 8:30 AM  T-F

    Reconciliation Times
      9:00 A.M.  First Fridays
    3:30 P.M.  Saturday

    Silver Cliff Chapel
    W13397 County Road C 
    Silver Cliff, WI 54104
      5:30  P.M.  Saturday

       Reconciliation Times
      First Saturdays
       following Mass

     Crooked Lake Chapel
           15478 Whispering Pines Lane 
      Crooked Lake, WI 54149
    7:30 A.M. Sunday
     Reconciliation Times

    Second Sundays
    following Mass


    Bakers Needed

    The Arts & Crafts Sale is August 7th and that means a BAKE SALE
    for the Christian Women.
    Now is the time to show off
    your talent.
    We would appreciate any great tasting item you wish to share. Bakery items can be 
    dropped off at church by 4:00 p.m. on August 6th. This is a project all can take part in. Thank you!

    Holy Name Society Needs Car Parkers

    We are looking for people to help park cars during the Arts & Craft Show August 7th. There is a sign up sheet by the elevator entrance if you are able to help. For questions call the parish office at 715-276-7364.

    Parish Meetings ~ Everyone Welcome 
    Crooked Lake Christian Women

    Monday, August 2
    10am at the Chapel
    Holy Name Society

    Corporate Communion Sunday
    Sunday, August 8th 
    Meeting & Breakfast
     9am Mass in the Church Hall.

    Please sign up by the elevator

    St. Mary’s Christian Women
    Thursday, August 19th 
    1pm in the Church Hall

    Joint Parish Council Meeting
    Thursday, August 19th 
    at Silver Cliff at 6pm 
    *Please Note Joint Meeting.

  • Where to find us

  • Today's Readings

  • Celebrate the 
    Assumption of Mary

    The Holy Name Society will be sponsoring an
    Outdoor Mass on
    Sunday, August 15th
    on the stage at the Lakewood Pavilion at 10am.

    (No 9am Mass that day)
    Gregg Tallier will play for the Mass.

    After Mass we will have
    burgers, brats, ice cream,
    soda and water,
    and continued music by
    Gregg Tallier until 1pm.

    Everyone is welcome!!

  • Summer Blessing

    Walk along beside me, Jesus,
    as I begin the months of summer.
    As I work, play, enjoy family time
    and friendships,
    may I hear Your voice within me, guiding me toward all that is
    right and good.
    Give me faith in Your presence, knowing that You walk beside me
    in everything I do.
    Gracious and loving Jesus,
    Thank You for the gift of Summer.
    May the warmth of its sun and the beauty of its light remind me daily
    of Your Love for me.

  • Pray Requests

    For healing and good health of mind, body, and spirit:

    Ken Kesner, Gary Wagner,
    Barb Mainczyk, Lonnie Jackson,
    Sara DeGreef, Henry Williamson
    and Mary Wagner

     For Eternal Rest, and for God’s Blessings on their Families: 
    Deb Evers

    For all the prayer requests written in our Parish Book of Petitions.
    Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me. Rescue me and save me.
    Do your will in my life.
    I place my entire being into
    your healing care.

    Prayer Shawls

    If you would like to receive a prayer shawl, or know of someone who would, please call the parish office.
    A prayer shawl has been blessed by Father and helps to remind us 
    of God’s love and care and the prayers of our faith community to know that
    we are not alone.

  • Mass Intentions

    Saturday, July 31, 2021
    4:00pm Lakewood: Dan Nendza
    5:30pm Silver Cliff: Deceased Members of the Schneider Family

    Sunday, August 1, 2021
    7:30am Crooked Lake: Bill Albers
    9:00am Lakewood: The People of St. Mary’s & St. Ambrose

    Tuesday, August 3, 2021
    8:30am Lakewood: Mary Statler

    Wednesday, August 4, 2021
    8:30am Lakewood: Mike Powers

    Thursday, August 5, 2021
    8:30am Lakewood: Living & Deceased Members of the Merle Verhagen Family

    Friday, August 6, 2021 First Friday HOLY HOUR
    8:30am Lakewood: Living & Deceased Members of the St. Mary’s Christian Women

    Saturday, August 7, 2021
    4:00pm Lakewood: Bob Liebsch
    5:30pm Silver Cliff: The People of St. Mary’s & St. Ambrose

    Sunday, August 8, 2021
    7:30am Crooked Lake: Vernon & Carol Kostichka 9:00am Lakewood: Marty Kruger

  • Sunday Mass Live on WFRV Local 5

     Sunday Mass with Bishop Ricken on WFRV Local 5,
    is every Sunday at 10:30 AM
    streamed from
    St. Francis Xavier Cathedra, Live.
    All are invited to tune in every Sunday morning to WFRV-Channel 5 and
    pray with us from wherever you are!

  • Mass Relevant Radio

                         Daily 12pm

  • Family Rosary Across America
    Relevant Radio

    Pray with Father Rocky
    Please Click below;


  • Time and Talent

    You may have noticed our church parking lot has been restriped with fresh vibriant paint,
    improving the curb appeal of our church property.

    A talented parishioner volunteered time and talent to organize and  maxamize parking lot spaces along with increasing safety for everyone walking through the lot.     

    May God Bless
    this Generous Individual,
    Jim Burkel of Midwest Pavement.
    As a Parish
    We Send our Appreciations!   
  • Let God Be 
    Who God Is

    Inspiration for the Week

    The immensity, scope, intimacy, 
    and pervasiveness of God’s presence is too intense for the human 
    We often limit God by
    our expectations of Him
    and have a hard time
    just letting God be God.
    Some people all too easily lose faith because God does not
    meet their expectations.
    Worse still,
    the idea of faith is rejected altogether by others because of polarities and experiences they have that don’t square with
    who they need God to be.
    The Holy Trinity is one of those teachings that is best encountered rather than dissected.
    It is only through being present with the Trinity that we can experience both the immensity and otherness of God’s presence as well as the intimacy of the God who wants us to call Him “dad.”
    We feel the loving guidance of a God who wants to take us from fear and give us confidence.
    Our God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow is a God of all ages whose three-fold Presence invades all senses, seasons, and times.
    who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is much more than any of our expectations if we simply
    let God be who God is.