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    We welcome each of you as we rememberJesus’ baptism and our own baptisms. Inthe thought of the early church . . . We find Christian baptism closely connected with the death and resurrection of Christ as a solemn rite in which the individual becomes so untied with Christ that he dies to sin and rises with a new life.

        Lakewood Church  

                4:00  P.M.  Saturday
              9:00  A.M. Sunday

             Reconciliation Times
              9:00 A.M.  First Fridays
             3:30  P.M.  Saturday


        Silver Cliff Chapel  
            5:30  P.M.  Saturday

             Reconciliation Times
                  First Saturdays
                 following Mass

     Crooked Lake Chapel
       7:30 A.M. Sunday
             Reconciliation Times

                  Second Sundays
                  following Mass

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  • Current Events

    God’s Gift!

    Every good and perfect gift comes from above. -James 1:17

    On the weekend of
    January 19th & 20th

    please pick up a baby bottle to help support the Hope Life Center in Antigo.
    Please fill your bottle with coins, bills or checks.  
    The Center provides physical, emotional and spiritual support in a confidential, judgment-free environment.
    They offer free pregnancy testing, limited OB ultrasound, counseling, abortion recovery support, and parenting education. The Baby Bottle’s will be collected on
    February 16th & 17th.
    Thank you in advance for helping with God’s little gifts! 

  • Book Group

    We invite you to join
    a Book Group at St. Mary's

    The group will read and discuss the book Falling Upward by Richard Rohr.

    Our first meeting was Wednesday, Jan. 16th from 
    9:15 am - 10:15 am in

    St. Mary's Gathering Space.
    The Book Group will continue to meet 
    one Wednesday each month.
    Future dates will be posted. 

    We’ll listen and explore what the Spirit is calling forth in our individual lives.
    The flow of the hour will be opening prayer, discussing the chapters using guided questions, and close with a prayer. The only cost is the purchase of the book Falling Upward.
    It costs between $14-$20, depending on where you purchase it. If you’re interested in this opportunity, please sign up in the back of church by the elevator or call/text the facilitator Caroline Coughlin Lampereur (715) 850-0816.
    Read “The Invitation to a Further Journey and Introduction” for this meeting. Looking forward to the connections and conversations ahead. 

  • Our Mission

    We the members of St. Mary's of the Lake are called by Jesus to be the light of the world, through the mission and ministry of His Catholic Church; to discover Him, follow Him, worship Him and share His love.
    St. Mary's of the Lake
    Mission Statement
  • Centennial Events

    Special Centennial Recognition

    On the weekend of January 19th & 20th please check out the boards in the gathering space acknowledging the founding families and oldestliving parishioners of St. Mary’s of the Lake Parish.These are some very special people who are a big part of our history. God Bless them.

    January – Special Mass for oldest parishioner & members of 50 years or more. More information and date to be announced

    February 9th & 10th Closing of our Centennial year - Special Closing Mass 

  • Pray Requests

    Prayer Requests . . .

    For healing and good health of mind, body, and spirit:

    Gail Luther, Mary Gegare,
    Florian Zaharias, Jim Roberts,
    Ray Ehlinger, Timothy & Terry Klug, Kathleen Ashbaugh and Larry Goffard

     For Eternal Rest, and for God’s Blessings on their Families:

    Maria Dama,
    Elaine Tonnon,
    Jo Klika and
    Ted Collins

    For all the prayer requests written in our Parish Book of Petitions.

    Prayer Shawls available in the office. 

  • Hospitality Weekend
    Sunday, Feb. 3rd

    On the First Sunday of every month...
    You are cordially invited for coffee, donuts, and
    fellowship after;

     9:00 am Mass at Lakewood 
     7:30 am Mass at Crooked Lake. 

  • Centennial Corner

    Our indoor Stations of the Cross were created by John Kilsloar of Green Bay. These original paintings were purchased for $1,400.0

    On February 14, 1982 a meeting was held to establish a St. Mary’s Cemetery Board. Cemetery lots were being sold for $25.00 each.

    Our Christmas decorations at Lakewood will be taken down on Monday, January 14th at 9am.
    Please join us! 


    In 1985 the Lakewood choir director was Marion Janquet, following Sam Burzik who was their previous director. 

    1975: Mrs. John Donavan donated a new organ to Silver Cliff Chapel 

    In 1915, Fr. Amadeus Buyaert said Mass in Lakewood’s Town Hall. He would eventually become
    St. Mary’s of the Lakes first pastor. 

    In 1905, St. Mary’s of the Lake waspreviously known as
    “Congregation of the Holy Rosary”,
    being a “station” attached to St. Leonard’sParish in Laona . . . Later becoming a mission of St. Ambrose in Wabeno.

    Cenntenial Eucumenical Concert
    (Please Visit Photo Album)


    Visit Photo Album to view 
    images of Centennial Events, Polka Mass & Parish Picnic.